Saturday, June 30, 2012

Origin Story

Andrea and KT were at the bar, watching their adult beverages perspire as the ice slowly melted. One blonde head turned toward the other and luscious pink lips formed the eternal question...

"What shall we do with our lives?"

Things felt stagnant. They were glam girls in a town where glamour was frowned upon. Surrounded by the hot masses, radiating body odor, clad only in ripped, overpriced thrift store clothing as an act of rebellion against their wealthy parents. Why would anyone make an effort in this shithole? Where the mere act of coordinating  one's shoes to their bag is laughed at by the hipsters and anti-establishmentarians?

Suddenly, the bubbles in their mixers turned into glowing sparkles and a beautiful sci fi alien fashionista, the pure spirit of all It Girls before them and of those to come, descended upon them from the heavens. She kind of looked like Barbarella, but no one else could see her. This is what she said:

Girls, on the days you were born I came and kissed each of you on the head and whispered your purpose into your ear. You were put on this earth to be who you are! To dress beautifully and not give a fuck! To turn the masses on to the pursuit of fashionable attire for any budget! Being a beautiful, presentable human being, in more than just running pants and a baseball hat, is a public service. It is what you were put on earth to do. You can get as drunk as you want, as long as you fulfill this purpose. This will be your last reminder.

And with that, Andrea and KT looked at each other, mouthed a wary "what the hell?", sipped their cocktails, and decided it was time to start a blog. A blog that would give women the world over a reason to wear a pretty dress. A blog that would show cute boys what other, cuter, boys would wear. A blog that would make the residents of Olympia, Washington, quiver in shame for the rags they have thrown upon themselves in past eras as they hurled themselves into a new era of freshness.

 This is that blog.

Welcome. This is what we look like drinking a Margarona. See ya soon.

Friday, June 1, 2012

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