Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tales From the City

Yesterday, I was preparing to dress the window at Yolli Shoes in tiny burning buildings and piles of doll heads (children love it!). I was removing things from the prior display, since Valentine's Day is next week and the miniature Christmas tree was starting to look out of place. The sun was shining and my body was half in the giant window, half balancing on a pile of Born boot boxes. It was precarious.

Suddenly. one of our kindly street people charged right toward the window until he was millimeters from my face, separated only by glass. He held up a piece of paper which read:

"Has anyone turned in a one foot blade? I lost it on the sidewalk here sometime last night".
So many emotions charged through my body! Mostly terror, but also amusement. He did not stand there writing out that piece of paper to flash to me; it was already prepared. Was I not the only person in downtown Olympia sitting in a window? Who else did he ask? And the most important question: who found his giant knife? Is my life going to become a live version of the age old writing advice about a gun on the wall in the first act going off in the third ?

Pro Tip, dude: If you lose a weapon somewhere, you just don't get it back.  As someone said when I was relaying this anecdote: "That's like going around and asking if someone found your bag of weed. Even if they did, they're not going to tell you".

I told our Dear Leader, Sydney, about this event and she insisted I write a little blog post about it. I figured I might as well since I've been falling behind on the fashion writing lately. If anyone found a foot long blade, please turn it in to Yolli Shoes so we can use it to defend ourselves.

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