Friday, November 16, 2012

Shopgirls Hear EVERYTHING!

We're watching you...

After letting a long distance pal of mine know what I had accidentally overheard a patron saying, he suggested that I gather all the strange things I've heard and put them on this blog. I decided to take his advice and start updating this thing with the weird little quips I've caught while minding my own shopgirl business. This will be strictly anonymous and almost entirely hilarious. I hope...

Ahh Marilyn. The anti-secret shopper.

Today while two young ladies bounced around the store, both voices running over the other, I wondered if there were actually two conversations going on. It was a confusing sound to comprehend but the one time my ears weren't full with other matters I heard...

"He can't talk to Daddy that way..."

A good girl always keeps her ears open and her head in sponge mode.

Soon the ladies left and I decided to continue eating a carrot. More updates from the secret life of an accidental shopgirl spy sure to come!

Andrea & KT

Stay tuned! We've got much more gossip headed your way, dolls!

P.S. You may have noticed the lack of posts on our little blog lately. Well, we've been some busy ladies. KT has been adorably bopping around Portland, in basements and above ground. While Andrea took a trip to Los Angeles (strictly business she swears!) and has been learning how to tend bar. These gals will get their crap together soon and promise that you'll be more than thrilled with what they've got in store for the next fashion season: Winter!!!

That's right, ladies. Chantilly lace and a pretty face...

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