Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's Fashion Tip: Summer Shaded Limbs

Living in the Northwest has it's perks. But being forced to have pale, pasty skin is not one of them.

Unless you work on a farm every day of the week (come rain or come shine), you are probably the exact opposite of a tan person. I, for one have a sun-stroked upper body paired with a terrifyingly ghostly lower half. I wouldn't even DREAM of wearing a sleeveless dress without tights due to the confusion it would arouse. "Where did her legs go!?" "Is she wearing alabaster tights?" "But her arms are kind of normal looking... this is soooo odd." "That chick reminds me of a fashion plate but one where someone ran out of the beige colored pencil..."

And then you have the predicament of wearing sandals, wedges or cute summery footwear. How does THAT work?! Should I give in to danger and fake bake? Would it be wise to start applying self tanner on my nights off? Are long maxi skirts safe to wear while riding a bicycle? If so, will my thighs just be rubbing together all day, causing chaffing and weird sweaty situations in secret below the fabric!?! AHHHHHH!

Well, ladies. The solution is a simple one. You CAN wear cute summer shoes without letting anyone get boggled by your mismatch hued legs. The answer is.........

Wear tights! They keep you safe from sunburn and secret thigh rub rash. They actually keep you feeling much cooler (depending on the fabric - i am NOT recommending wool here, girls) and they come in a cornucopia of colors, patterns and styles.

Keep yourself contained. I'm a weirdo and I do it! Plus tights, leggings, nylons, stockings, etc soak up excess sweat AND hide all the leg hairs that you missed while drunkenly shaving the night before. Just do it.

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