Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today's Reason to Wear a Dress: On the Rebound (Kind Of...)

You got through Manic Monday.
Tuesday was whatever.
Hump Day went by in a wine-fueled blur.
And here we are. It's Thursday and that very special someone has still not called!

Well, have no fear. SHOP GIRLS ARE HERE!!!

"Oh Hooray!" - Anonymous

It doesn't take a genius to notice when one is being ignored. But it does take a large amount of courage to dust one's shoulders off and get back up again. We Shop Girls know exactly how that feels. And having an astronomical amount of experience under our brightly hued belts, we have decided to put an end to all of the needless suffering.

"Mirror mirror in my hand, how do I get him to call again?"

Why not take all of the energy you'd spend self-loathing and make yourself feel fantastic instead?! Stop standing in front of the mirror making up future confrontations that could happen when you 'accidentally' bump into each other and start getting ready to go out! Put your favorite dress on. Slip your feet into a pair of snazzy (that's right, I said 'snazzy) heels. Let your hair do what it must and just get out of the goddamn house!

Go for a walk. If someone shouts at you from the other side of the street, ignore them. If a friendly face smiles at you, smile back. If you have a hankering for a creme puff, go get it! If your dress flies up in the wind, hold it down while laughing gaily. If you find a penny, pick it up. If you are thirsty, get anything but a cosmopolitan. If you drove a car, maybe you should not drink anything at all. If you feel tired, do not take an Ambien. Basically, do anything that keeps your spirits up and the wallowing down.

Even Ms. Fonda knows what's up.

We Shop Girls have a feeling that all of the dress wearing you'll be doing will send a wonderful message out to the world. And the world will hopefully send one back to you in the form of romance, fortune and/or cool new friends you meet while walking.

If you aren't feeling like taking your dress out for a walk, that's okay, too! You can always get dolled up, grab a box of kleenex, a trashy mag and listen to the playlist below. I made it just for pining situations.

Pine Away Playlist. (Lie down or stare off into space while listening).

And just so you know, there is absolutely nothing wrong with lying on the sofa and listening to sad music. Sometimes feeling forlorn can actually make you feel much better. The reminder that someone out there is always suffering more than you can make life seem far more extraordinary than it already appears to be. And life, in any form is quite fantastic.

Let's just recreate this moment. Every day!

So let's just enjoy it, dammit! Be it face down on a sofa, box of fine chocolate within reach or while wandering around the town with your head held high. As long as you're wearing a dress, the world is yours.

And if that certain incognito someone happens to walk by, well... they had better hope they've got a damn fine excuse. Or a great pair of running shoes!

Rawwwrrrrr we love you!

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