Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reason to Wear a Dress: To Soak Up the "Blood"!

If you live in Olympia and are looking for the finest of festivities during this haunted holiday season LOOK NO FURTHER! (Or maybe continue to look but keep this one at the top of your weekday planner, tucked in every notebook and written on every wall as a reminder of terrible importance.)

For on the upcoming Thursday of this very week, Hot Toddy and Native Havoc present to you:


Place: The Urban Onion in our very own downtown Olympia. Right across from Sylvester Park.
Time: The festivities begin on October 25th, Thursday at 9pm but you're more than welcome to show up when you choose to.
Why: For a bloody good thrill!!! And also, to benefit Olympia's own Safe Place. And ALSO because it's a fantastic adventure that really should happen more often.
How much: 15 dollars will get you in the door and 100 percent of that goes right to Safe Place! Trade in a couple of future beers for a good cause!

Picture this: Women and men. Men and women. But mostly women and women will be wrestling each other to the "DEATH". Atop saggy mattresses whilst "blood" gets thrown upon their angry bodies. Surrounded by a crowd of trillions, these wrestlers will do anything to win.

You will see dragons and unicorns and celebrity heartthrobs. You will feel the splatter of intensity with every splash of "blood". You will chant and cheer, laugh and scream, cry and wish you were up there. It's a night to never forget and we hope you'll be there!

And about wearing that dress... what could be more wonderful than using your frock to soak up every ounce of dark, twisted, silly and incredible proof that your evening was more unique than anyone else's?!

KT and Andrea


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