Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today's Reason to Wear a Dress: Dazzle Dat Drizzle

And... we're BACK! With another wise excuse you can use to conjure yourself into wearing something fancy.


As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I am in no way a Northwestern Native. And neither am I an avid Rain Trudger nor an Oblivious-to-the-Weather Dresser. Which means that when it's pouring, my day is usually a complete mess.

Welcome to Olympia, circa 1967. Just kidding...

Here's the situation: dressing for rainy weather is annoying. Especially if it's nice and sunny when you're leaving the house. When the birds are flying around, looking all cute and feathery the last thing you want to do is put on a floppy hat or a loud, plastic slicker.

If you wear pants in the rain, you've got to roll them up or tuck them into some sort of shoe. If you wear shorts, your legs are bound to get mud-splattered which is way more odd looking than clothing getting speckled. Everyone's going to be wondering if that's SUPPOSED to be there... or if maybe that wet dirt is actually an abstract tattoo you got in '97. Things are always a bit more awkward with shorts.

The socks alone speak volumes.

Though shorts may be awkward, nothing screams 'strange situation' more than no bottoms do!

My solution? Wear a gosh darn dress! Or a skirt! Something that doesn't require anything getting tucked into a shoe. Something that let's your legs stretch wide to leap over puddles. Something that offers incredible comfort while expressing immense flair and appeal.

Make the drizzle rain thing YOUR thang by not letting it get you down. By spicing your appearance up. By not having your day be ruined because the bottom of your flared jeans are soaking wet and fraying.

You're welcome! We love you.

P.S. We know this is just the start of an entire season of lonely, rainy blue nights. Which is why we also suggest immersing yourself in it NOW! The temperature is far from chilly. You don't have to wear a coat just yet. The days are only getting shorter and can you think of anything more romantic than getting a good night kiss while under a big umbrella, pitter patters echoing from above?!? We didn't think so. 

Cheer up! At least you've got a neat cat and something real rad to wear!

Save your hermit outfits for when the snow starts to fall. Or when the power goes out again... At least then no one will be able to see what you're wearing!

Dizy fo riz.

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