Sunday, December 16, 2012

last holidaze post: Part Two!

Holidaze: The Final Countdown to Bliss 
(During this Blitzed Out Season)

1. Listening to records with a big sweater on and a hot cup of toddy? Yes please.

My roommate recently asked me what the definition of a hipster was. It took me some stewing but I've finally come to a conclusion. A 'hipster' (in this day and age) is basically what boring, insecure people like to call a cocky, fashion-aware, art-world-monger, in depth conversation-able thrill seeker, shock addict, aloof waif, intensely sarcastic, passion-popper, etc. And usually 'hipsters' are associated with appreciating the past, dipping their toes back in time by collecting vinyl records and dressing like their grandparents (or their babysitters in the 80's).

Girls Club!

But you know what? Who cares about all that crap!? I certainly don't! And neither should YOU.
Records aren't only for "hipsters" or old fuddy duddies or weirdos that obsess over mint conditions and years of release.

How does this NOT look appealing?! Oh gawd.

I just love listening to records because there's magic there and what's more comforting than the sound of soft, sporadic crackling from an old piece of time? And when it's cold outside records are a wonderful source of entertainment!

Technology has made us all lazy. Nowadays we can just attach an iPod to the stereo, scroll down to a playlist and go on with our evening. But when you're entertaining (or lounging around solo), records require some serious attention and good DJ skills. What better way to impress your crush or coworkers or really popular new friends than to prepare some cocktails, offer snacks and keep the music in constant rotation?

Miming playing the uke while listening to real music? Totally happening.

PLUS: while you're doing other things you can suggest that your guests take turn picking out the music. That will surely keep them occupied for a good chunk of time. Not to mention, they'll be able to see how eclectic your collection is and make mental notes for future situations/musical discussions.

Don't be fooled. There is definitely vodka in that milk!

And the big sweater thing? Well, I'm a gazelle at heart and I love being warm to the point that a heat coma isn't far off. So naturally, over-sized knit items and nostalgic listening parties go hand in hand. Both are comforting. And both are even better with booze!

The above are some fantastic looking albums that you may stumble upon if you find yourself in a record store position. It's always fun to pretend you live in a time when being refined was the norm. When 'dressing up' was wearing a gown and long gloves. When dancing was PC and sweatpants didn't exist. They don't call em the Golden Oldies for nuthin, kid!

2. Burning incense makes sense again! (Not that you ever stopped...)

Cold weather just has that way about it, doesn't it? That way of making even the most innocent invalids become pyromaniacs. But there's a reason for it! Fire is hot and the air is cold so burning something that smells like a fantasy harem is the ultimate choice for this time of year. There's incense for those special instances when you actually manage bribe someone back home with you.

Speaking of taking someone home with you: Incense is a great aid in the game of Seduction. It lingers slow in the air like an upwardly cascading waterfall. And similar to a sexy snake, incense can pierce the senses and create passionate feelings where there are otherwise none. Also, if you aren't looking your best, the smoke from several incense sticks can alter your quest's perception and eventually lead to temporary blindness. Which is completely alright in these situations! Harmless, really!

Then there are candles and other such flamey things. Still perfect for the cold chill that smacks against your windows and shatters your soul. Get some, get many, get LIT!

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