Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feel Like a Lady in Scuzztown: Tip #1

If your house looks like a pack of randy wrestlers came charging through it, you're probably itching to make it spotless again. This generation, we know, associates 'cleaning' with wearing your most scuzziest of frumps. Putting a bandana around your head, leaving your pajamas on and getting your Grime Time on.

As shopgirls, we suggest an alternative: Find those high heels you've got buried in the back of your dangerously cluttered closet. The ones you never have a reason to wear. The ones you purposefully forget about. The ones that you're terrified of. And PUT THEM ON.

I spent my entire birthday afternoon cleaning in my highest of heels. Oh my stars, was it liberating! I was breaking them in, I was feeling confident, I was listening to good records, I was GETTING IT DONE. Plus, I could reach things I'd have to climb counters to score. It was such a wonderful feeling.

So step one to feeling like a lady in Scuzztown, USA is to dress fancy at home. Scrub the counters in a party dress. Sweep the floor in stilettos. Take out the trash with curls framing your face, darling! Because feeling like a million bucks while no one's watching is the first step to feeling fantastic in the huge wide world.

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