Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's Reason to Wear a Dress: All or Nuttin

While bopping around the shop as only shopgirls do, I found my little head asking itself a question. Is today special somehow?

After wondering such a thought, I knew I had to find the answer. So I searched on the web to see and sure enough today is actually a holiday! And so is almost every other day of the year! According to a crazy holiday website out there in internet town, Today - July 26th - is All or Nothing Day!

 Which means why would you NOT dress in your absolute best? And why would you dare decline a chance to be fancy? And how on earth could you resist smiling so wide that your head almost falls off?!! While wearing a dress. Or something, anything that makes you feel like a trillion bucks. It's just ridiculous not to.

So if the internet is correct and if today is indeed the holiday it claims it is then we suggest going to the extreme! Drink wine mixed with coke like they do in Europe! Put all of your jewelry on at once! Wear a ponytail in the FRONT of your head! Walk around in platforms! Heck, why not go naked?!!

Get in the holiday spirit. All or nothing. You can probably lay low and dress normal tomorrow. It's just Aunt and Uncle Day.

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