Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello! Shopgirl Motto!

We know how hard it is to show yourself off. Especially when you're a female that's constantly surrounded by Scuzztown brats. Which is where we Shopgirls come in! During our career as recreational fashiony bloggers, we wish for only one outcome: To give you every reason to feel absolutely fantastic! To push you into leaving the house in nothing but your loveliest of get ups. To remind you that self expression is crucial. Not only for making impressions on the world but also for letting yourself be the person you've always wanted to become.

As one girly half of this blog, I'd like to share my story with all you dear readers! I recently moved here from big-shouldered Chicago where I went through many phases of fashion. I was a long-skirted, flip-flop wearing hippie. I went through a trend of only wearing dresses with tights and uncomfortable flats which was followed closely by my "I'm gonna be riding my bike everywhere and then working at a diner" attire. Which included stretchy mini skirts, leggings, weird shirts and big cardigans. I thought all "fashion" was pretentious. I wanted nothing to do with it. I only shopped for comfort, for good deals and for things I wouldn't feel bad about spilling red wine on.

Fast forward a couple of years. I get hired at a whimsical, lovely dress shop. I buy my first pair of heels since senior prom - with much success! I dive head first into the world of ladylike fashion. And I haven't turned back!

I never thought I'd own more than two pairs of shoes at once and I definitely never thought I'd get excited about putting a belt on over a dress! But I've realized that fashion is an art. It takes a keen eye, an open-minded color palette and the courage to prance around in something that may cause a double take. I love it! It makes every morning so much more significant.

This blog is the creation of two like-minded shopgirls that believe fashion is something so much greater than all of us. It can make us feel beautiful or cozy or fearless or safe. It can open doors, it can paint pictures, it can start conversations and it can most certainly turn heads! So we'd like to invite you to relish the newest wrinkle. Let it into your life. And... EMBRACE THE VOGUE!

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